About Me

Hi, I’m Pastor Steph!

I’m glad that you’re here!

My grandpa was a preacher.

My dad was a preacher.

Both of them died still preaching, when they had the strength.

I can’t imagine my Southern Baptist Grandpa, who proudly called New Orleans home, would have imagined the  “family business” would be continued through one of his grand daughters. In his tradition, the men did the preaching and the leading.

He also wouldn’t have imagined me as a “yankee” in frigid Minneapolis of all places!

But here I am.

God can do a lot in a couple generations.

“Why did you decide to become a pastor?”

I’m often asked this question. There is the long answer that is really more of a story.

The short answer? When something is your calling, it’s not like you can do something else. If so, I’d be miserable.

Maybe you can relate.

So I find myself here living the pastor life – stepping one foot in front of the other, just trying to join God’s restorative and redemptive work in the world. These God-chasing actions are the source of my activism.

I believe that Jesus intended his words to be taken seriously.

I believe the Biblical themes of justice and care for the marginalized are paramount.

I believe Jesus will always be in the business of drawing people to himself, often through us.

I think all of this is good news (gospel)!

My goal as a pastor is to attempt to live that good news out loud and encourage anyone willing to join me!

I pastor Mill City Church in the heart of the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are an amazing group of people with incredible missional zeal.

I write here at PastorSteph.com, for various web magazines and blogs and I am currently working on my first book.

I write about things that I  think God cares about and things that some people need to hear a pastor say.

I podcast with my friend Jo Saxton at Lead Stories Media. I am the executive producer of our attempt to share leadership resources with all who need them and elevate voices often underrepresented.

I teach and lead at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.  I am passionate about the future of theological education and helping prepare future pastors to lead into God’s future…

Not to dwell on how to get back to the past.

I am married to JD, filmmaker and beer & baseball enthusiast. Check out his most recent work at JDObrien.tv

We are slightly obsessed with our Springer Spaniel, Chaco. Our goal is to be the people that he thinks we are.

Thanks for visiting and please stay in touch!
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